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1979 FORD ESCORT RS2000 Group 1


  • This Ford Escort RS2000 Group 1 unit is presented in a characteristic diamond white color that highlights its beautiful bodywork. The Escort Mk2 RS2000 was the eleventh model of the blue oval firm that wore the now legendary acronym RS (Rallye Sport), and this, like many others of its time, was adapted for rallying with the simple preparation of Group 1. Developed by FAVO (Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations), the Ford Escort RS2000 MK2 was originally introduced in 1975 and was produced until 1980. This example was therefore built in the penultimate year of production.
  • The heart of the RS2000 is a 2.0L, four-cylinder, weber carburetor-fed, naturally aspirated engine that made 110hp when it left the factory and now, equipped with the Group 1 RS kit for the engine (larger intake and exhaust valves, camshaft and twin Weber 44 IDF carburetors), makes 150hp.
  • The odometer of this vehicle registers 86,400Km.

  • This Ford Escort was first registered on June 27, 1979 in its country of origin Germany, and was imported to Spain, by its current owner, an enthusiast of the model, in 2007. At present, it still has German plates, and can be registered in Spain as a historic vehicle, or exported to another country.
    As for the passenger compartment, it is equipped with Sparco semi-bacquets and blue three-point harnesses; no carpets and no rear seats. It retains the original dashboard, door panels and RS steering wheel.
  • The original color of this unit was signal yellow, being repainted to the classic diamond White by its previous owner, in Germany. As for its performance, in addition to the preparation of the engine with the RS kit, it is equipped with bilstein shock absorbers, maintaining its original braking system (front disc, rear drum).

  • This Ford Escort RS2000 is in good overall condition. The engine was repaired and overhauled at the end of 2014 by a mechanic specialized in racing engines, the valves were rectified and a new Kent RL-31 camshaft was mounted. Also, the radiator hoses, tension pulley, thermostat housing, adjustable camshaft pulley, block studs and all engine seals were replaced with new ones. At the same time, the steering was overhauled, replacing the bushings with new ones.
  • As for the bodywork, in January 2021, rusted sections of the underbody were repaired, replacing the front floors. Some damaged sections of the side skirts and rear corners were also repaired and welded, all these parts being painted with blaxon coating. On the same date, the gearbox was removed and the clutch replaced. The brake fluid was also changed.
  • As for the exterior, the bodywork remains free of marks, with glossy paint all over the surface, the 13" wheels also look good, highlighting as a negative part, that the right tail light has a small crack.

  • This vehicle has been serviced and maintained throughout its life as recommended by the manufacturer. It is currently presented with all fluid and filter maintenance up to date.

This Ford Escort RS2000 Group 1, is a unit, with a slight preparation, ideal for participating in historic car rallies or to enjoy driving it on public roads, as it is not a full rally car, which can only be used in competition. An RS2000, which has only been equipped with the original group 1 RS kit of the time, which makes it retain the charm and driving sensations of bygone times.

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