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  • The Ducati Monster 821 is a naked category motorcycle, exclusive, and with the implicit sporty DNA of the Italian brand. This unit, the 821 Stripe version, is presented in the beautiful Ducati red, with a small sports screen and a fully adjustable fork.
  • It is powered by an 812 cc, water-cooled, desmodromic, four-stroke, water-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that transmits 11 hp of power to the tarmac through a six-speed transmission.
  • The odometer of this ducati registers 29.250Km.

  • On the 821 Stripe the chassis is a multi-tubular structure that connects the cylinder heads to the steering head, so that the part just below the fuel tank is very compact. The dashboard, a replica of those used in MotoGp, offers the information in digital format. This, takes a correct dimensions, a good arrangement of information and offers a clear view regardless of ambient light.
  • The Ducati engine has three modes: Urban, Touring, and Sport. The differences between them are in the sensitivity of the response and the speed at which the engine revs up.
  • In addition, the ABS and DTC settings change with them, more intrusive in Urban and less so in Sport mode.

  • This Ducati is in fantastic overall condition, with low mileage and no accident damage. The chassis and painted parts of its figure look perfect and shiny except for some small "chinks" on the dome, product of small stones from the road.
  • Rider contact points, including handlebar grips, footpegs and seat, are in excellent condition, consistent with good overall care throughout its life.
  • The first MOT took place in October 2020, without any faults, so it will not have to pass the next technical inspection until the same month of 2024.

  • This motorcycle has just passed a few days ago the 30.000Km service at the Ducati dealer, where it has received a valve adjustment, the belts have been changed, a new oil pressure sensor has been put to avoid possible failures, filters and oil have also been changed.
  • The drag kit was changed less than ten thousand kilometers ago with about 20,000 km.
  • Its owner has documented all the revisions since 12.000Km, and previously, the maintenance was received at the Ducati dealer in Cadiz.

This Ducati Monster 821 is not only a sports bike with a style that excites, it is almost a myth. It is also a comfortable and pleasant bike in everyday life, mainly for its ease of use, both practical and sporty. This unit, in the stripe version, is presented with a very successful configuration, low mileage, and completely revised so that its new owner can enjoy thousands of kilometers at its controls without any additional expense.

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  • iconRed
  • icon821CC
  • icon112 HP
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