Soul Auto auctions are the best way to buy and sell sports, classic, and collectible vehicles.

The team behind Soul Auto grew up watching motor racing, the adrenaline of the races drove us to participate in them. The competition between us as rivals in rallies, brought us together as good friends. Everything in our lives revolved around the world of motors. We couldn’t have the cars we liked, but we enjoyed it.
Now, a few years later and with experience, both in business and in car collecting, our lives reconnect with the same passion to create Soul Auto auctions, and make it faster and safer, achieve your dream or renew your car.

The passion for sports cars and special cars, put up for auction.
We select the vehicles submitted by our audience and create transparent auction lists that present the vehicles as they are, without superlatives or dubious used car lot terms. Soul Auto’s team of experts, the user community, and a large number of registered bidders scrutinize each listing so potential buyers can bid with confidence.

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