We want to make buying and selling easy, that's why we've worked to make it +MORE easy for you.


Soul Auto helps you add value to the car you want to sell, through a group of specialized partners. With them you can give more security to the buyer of your car, and get a better acceptance and a better price.



We have reached an agreement with SGS, one of the most experienced vehicle inspection and certification companies in Europe. They will come to your trusted workshop, check the vehicle and issue a report on its condition that will be published in your car's advertisement.


We offer you CONCENTRA services, specialized in vehicle warranties, which will respond to the buyer for any incidents that may arise after the sale.



The presentation of a car determines the selling price. We know that preparing your car is difficult and laborious, that's why we are at your service; tell us the town where your car is and we will help you.



We help you to get a photographer so that the presentation of your car is impeccable.


Detailing professionals make your vehicle look stunning; we can help you locate them if you need them.


If you want, we can take care of everything, save it, prepare it, photograph it .... Tell us what you need.


Once you have won your bid or sold your car, we help you with the next
part of the process, changing ownership and transporting it.



Our partner has been doing this for 30 years, so there are no surprises or difficulties.


Specific to your vehicle, and going door-to-door only or more economically in a carpool.

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