A team that combines a passion for special cars and management experience to help you buy or sell the car of your dreams.

Soulauto was born from a group of people around 40 years old, passionate about special cars, sports cars and competition, with professional careers dedicated to the creation and management of companies. We all understand cars as objects with soul, as experiences that evoke stages of our life, images, sensations, speed, connection, roads or travels. We want to provide an agile, fair and respectful way to buy the car you want, or to sell it and buy the next. Soulauto is the model of how we would like to buy and sell our cars, with a previous selection, good presentation and objectivity, with the necessary information and security.

Santiago. Engineer, entrepreneur, partner in Soulauto and crazy about sports cars and racing.

I studied industrial engineering because it was what brought me closer to the world of competition, but in 2001 I set up with Marcos an environmental company that has absorbed and taught us a lot; with Soulauto, we want to transfer our business experience to what we are passionate about, sports cars, and offer the sales model that we as users were demanding.

Today I'm crazy about the Yaris GR, I find it incredible that Toyota has made something so special and so fast on a winding road. I have a black one, it is the most discreet.

Marcos. ADE, businessman, partner in Soulauto, ex-driver, fascinated by Porsches.

I grew up impacted by the exploits of Sainz, and dedicated my youth to the rallies, racing in promotion cups; at 25, when life focused me, I set up a company with Santiago. With another age and some more resources than then, as passionate about sports cars, we missed a website like Soulauto, someone who would select the cars that are truly worthwhile, and present them properly; as it did not exist in Spain, we decided to create it.

I am a late discoverer of the Porsche world, which currently fascinates me. I appreciate the lightness and the precision of the steering as main qualities.

Jorge. Partner in Soulauto, former official Citroen and Fiat driver in the Spanish Rally Championship, mechanic specialist in Classics and Youngtimers.

I grew up among sports cars, my family has a workshop specializing in classics for 50 years; I have run quite successfully in the national rally championship, cars are my life and I decided to transfer what I learned to Soulauto, helping to select those worthwhile and to identify for the buyer the flaws and virtues of each model.

I've raced quite a few cars, but I would only sell my BMW 1M street car to buy a nice M3 E30 group A car.

Javier. Partner in Soulauto, former driver, entrepreneur.

All my life has been related to cars; I have won some rallies and championships. I see in the auction model a win-win formula for both the buyer and the seller, and I think it's time for a new model to appear for buying and selling cars, and what I know and what I like are classics and sports cars.

I raced two seasons with a Renault Clio Maxi exRenault Portugal. The sensations, acceleration, braking, sound and intensity were incredible.

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