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1974 SEAT 132


  • Presented 50 years ago at the 1973 Barcelona Motor Show, the Seat 132 replaced the Seat 1500, the flagship of the Spanish brand until then. The new Seat 132 represented the maximum exponent of luxury and power, setting the bar high for its competitors. This unit has been modified and oriented towards regularity rallies, being a very fun vehicle to participate in this type of competitions.
  • This Seat 132 is powered by a 1.8L engine developing 105 hp of power, transmitted to the 13" rear wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox.
  • Its odometer currently registers 6,350km, which is the number of kilometers it has traveled since its complete restoration.


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  • This Seat 132 is finished in Orange and black with chrome bumpers, on a cabin also in Orange and black, matching the exterior.
  • It is fitted with 13" Minilite wheels with Toyo semi-slick tires.
  • The exterior features a grille with four long-range headlights, which, in addition to the standard headlights, maximize visibility at the wheel. The mirrors have been replaced by smaller, more aerodynamic black mirrors.
  • The cabin is equipped with a clear Abarth look that can be seen at a glance in the three-spoke leather steering wheel and the gearbox knob.
  • The dashboard is dominated by several dials with gauges ranging from the usual tachometer to a voltmeter, a water temperature gauge and an oil pressure gauge.
  • It is equipped with the sound system of the time in wood finish with metal inserts.
  • The owner applied to the vehicle several modifications such as: height adjustable suspension from Ta Technics, scratched and drilled sparco brake discs, an electric fuel pump, metal brake hoses on both axles and self-locking differential.
  • The car is accompanied with owner's books, maintenance book and 2 keys.

  • First registered in 1974, this domestic Seat 132 is offered for sale by its current owner, a brand enthusiast. He indicates that there is no known structural damage to the bodywork throughout its life.
  • The paint, although with some small "pecks", retains its color very well and is smooth and uniform.
  • The bumpers, headlamp rings, bulges, window frames and door handles maintain a nice shine on their chrome plating.
  • The gold rims look fantastic and the tires are in good condition.
  • As for the interior, the owner indicates that except for some areas of loose upholstery, the rest is in good condition, the striking orange color is combined with the door panels and floor carpeting.
  • The engine, the owner points out, has been carefully rectified, having received low mileage since then.

  • The maintenance of this unit has always been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and interval times.
  • This Seat 132 is delivered without pending works and with ITV in force, ready to drive.

In the Spain of the 70's, with a still very protectionist market, the Seat 132 occupied a very prominent place among the wealthiest people in the country. This Seat 132, in addition, has been focused for competition in regularity rallies, so the combination of both factors has resulted in a serious but playful vehicle.
This unit seems to us a great opportunity to have a very versatile classic, as you can use it both for pleasant rides and to participate in competitions of historic vehicles.





*Soul Auto has not directly inspected this vehicle, but the owner has provided all the material we have requested with full diligence and with his commitment that the description corresponds exactly with the vehicle shown. The transaction will be made directly between the owner and the buyer, who will be able to check all the details before paying for the vehicle.

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  • iconOrange/Black
  • icon1,8L
  • icon 105hp
  • iconGE01375****
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