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1991 FERRARI 348 TB


  • Introducing this fantastic Ferrari 348 TB. Heir to the 328 GTB, the 348 TB was launched as a completely new car, offering a reinterpretation of the V8 mid-engined two-seater berlinettas. The bodywork combined stylistic elements from the Testarossa (on the flanks) with others from classic models (such as the treatment of the nose, which was reminiscent of the 375 MM).
  • Under the rear hood is a 3.4-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine mounted in the center position, equipped with the Challenge kit that delivers 320hp to the 17" rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission.
  • The odometer of this Ferrari registers 55,800Km since new.


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  • This beautiful Ferrari 348 TB is finished in the emblematic "Giallo Ferrari" yellow color on a cabin upholstered in Nero leather.
  • It mounts a set of 17-inch five-spoke O.Z Racing alloy wheels with bolt-ons on the outside, shod with Michelin Pilot Sport tires.
  • Factory equipment includes climate control, electric windows and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors.
  • This unit has a Ferrari Challenge kit for this model, which increased the power by 20 hp, reaching 320hp, this kit is limited to the mechanics, it does not have the bacquet seats or the safety arch that the complete kit has. Invoice of the kit is provided.
  • The vehicle is delivered with its original owner's book, the partially stamped maintenance book, the two keys and the original tool case.

  • This Ferrari 348 TB was first registered in June 1991 in its country of origin, Switzerland, and imported to Spain in 2007.
  • Your seller indicates that the bodywork is perfect, with no structural damage due to an accident.
  • The paintwork is in excellent condition, with no marks or imperfections on any of its panels, as can be seen in the accompanying photo gallery.
  • Inside, the carpeting, seats and door panels are in very good condition, with only minor wear on the driver's seat bolster.
  • In the photographs of this publication, the car does not have the grille covering the rear lights, as the owner prefers the aesthetics offered by the car without it, but it will be attached accompanying the sale.
  • The dashboard, too, looks in good condition, as do all the dashboard buttons and controls.
  • Mechanically, the car is presented as completely original and the seller is not aware of any electrical or mechanical faults.

  • The maintenance of this unit has always been carried out following the guidelines set by Ferrari. During the first years, its maintenance has always been carried out in official centers of the brand, as shown by the stamps in its maintenance book.
  • In subsequent years, it has always been maintained by mechanics specialized in the Italian brand.
  • The car is up to date of revisions, including oil change and all filters in the last service performed.

The magical and mythical charge of each Ferrari is such that almost all are associated with some avatar, but perhaps none as decisive as the one that accompanied the 348, the first of a new phase, which initiated the new era of the brand, after the death of its founder. The performance of the Ferrari 348 TB is still very good and its behavior is impeccable. Its 275 km/h top speed and its "0 to 100" in six seconds attest to this.
This unit, in excellent condition and with a low mileage, seems to us a fantastic opportunity to add a symbolic piece to your collection, as well as to have a perfect companion in which to go to the best exhibitions of automotive jewels.





*Soul Auto has not directly inspected this vehicle, but the owner has provided all the material we have requested with full diligence and with his commitment that the description corresponds exactly with the vehicle shown. The transaction will be made directly between the owner and the buyer, who will be able to check all the details before paying for the vehicle.

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General description of the car

  • icon55,800 km
  • iconManual
  • iconYellow "Giallo Ferrari".
  • iconBlack
  • icon3.4L
  • icon300hp
  • iconZFFFA35S00009****
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