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  • We present this Audi TT coupe unit. This is a car that is in danger of extinction, due to its sporty approach increasingly reviled by manufacturers. With a very balanced tuning, once seated behind the wheel this small coupe guarantees fun and confidence in equal parts.
  • Under the front hood hides a 1.8L supercharged engine developing 180hp of power, transmitted to the 20" front wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox.
  • Its odometer registers 230,000km since it left the factory.


"*This vehicle has a Reserve Price. If said price is not reached, it will not be awarded to the winning bidder."


  • This Audi TT is finished in black with the interior upholstered in black fabric. The dashboard and center console were configured in the same color with satin gray inlays, bringing sportiness to the whole.
  • It is fitted with the brand's 20" alloy wheels, not original to the model, which give it a more radical look.
  • The complete equipment includes: virtual cockpit, climate control, leather multifunction steering wheel, rain sensor, light sensor, parking sensor, GPS and reversing camera.
  • The lighting is xenon in conjunction with LEDs for daytime running lights, position lights and turn signals.
  • The sale is accompanied by the owner's book, maintenance books and 2 original keys.

  • First registered in its country of origin, Hungary, in 2016, it was registered in Spain in 2021.
  • The seller indicates that there is no known structural damage throughout its life, and that the paintwork is in good general condition, although there is a scratch on the front passenger door and on some areas of the front wings.
  • There are no major tire defects and the tires are in good condition.
  • Inside the seller indicates that it has a small burn on the rear seat, visible in the accompanying gallery. Otherwise all the furnishings look good and retain a good appearance.
  • Mechanically, the owner indicates that everything works correctly and no electrical faults have been detected.

  • The owner indicates that the car is delivered with a freshly done maintenance, consisting of the change of: oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs.
  • The vehicle is delivered with the MOT valid until April 2025.

The Audi TT was first presented as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995 and was instantly praised for its futuristic and curvaceous design. This unit, belonging to the third generation of the model, is a clear example that the "original mold" can evolve very well without losing its essence. It seems to us, therefore, a very good option to add to your garage a coupe that could be labeled as irrational, but that can be used as an everyday car.




*Soul Auto has not directly inspected this vehicle, but the owner has provided all the material we have requested with full diligence and with his commitment that the description corresponds exactly with the vehicle shown. The transaction will be made directly between the owner and the buyer, who will be able to check all the details before paying for the vehicle.

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  • icon230,000 km
  • iconManual
  • iconBlack
  • iconBlack
  • icon1,8L
  • icon180hp
  • icon TRUZZZFV4G103****
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